Ubisoft Massive: Application

Ubisoft Massive (in Malmö, Sweden) was looking to hire a graphic designer in 2012, and I was very keen to work there. Considering the fact that they would almost certainly get hundreds of applications, I wanted to make sure that mine would stick out from the crowd. This was done at the time that their game Far Cry 3 was just about to be released, so I made an homage to their work, in my own way. 
I replaced their primary character with myself on the cover and changed the title, I folded my CV and cover letter into the booklet space inside the box, and burnt my design portfolio onto a CD. Although I didn't ultimately get the job, I was given fantastic feedback by their recruiter saying that several people in their office had come by to take a look at it, and I'm still rather happy with it - even this many years later!

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