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Hi there!

My name is Anna, and I am currently working as the Lead UX Designer at Funcom's Stockholm studio, The Outsiders.


I'm an enthusiastic and accomplished game developer with demonstrated success in the games industry, ranging from live service free-to-play mobile all the way to niched console rhythm games that are best enjoyed while headbanging. I love exploring—and enriching—the ways in which people integrate gaming experiences into their daily lives.


After starting my career in board games back in 2011, I took a leap of faith and moved to Australia where I landed at EA. I quickly realised that my passion laid within exploring how people interact with digital games. Over a decade and multiple countries later, I've found fulfilment in bridging the gap between game developers and their audience, while advocating for diversity and accessibility across our industry worldwide. I've had the privilege of honing my craft on several major game franchises like The Sims, Need For Speed, Conan Exiles and Candy Crush Saga, as well as the award-winning Metal: Hellsinger, and am excited to continue growing in leadership roles where I can continue to put my values into practice and empower those around me.


I was recognised as one of MCV Pacific’s Top 50 Women in Games, and was selected as a Next Gen Leader by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) as a part of their 2-year GDC programme. 

Outside of work, I helped create GeekSkate in Melbourne, a skate collective aimed at providing an inclusive environment for women and non-binary gamers and game developers to learn to skateboard. I'm also a League of Legends enthusiast, and co-created LadiesLoL with the esports caster, Vandie, out of frustration about the discrepancy in the gender representation within the player base of our favourite game. 

I have extensive international experience, having lived and worked on four different continents and speaking at events all around the world. I hold qualifications in Design & Visual Communication (Malmö University, 2008-2011), UX Design (General Assembly, 2017), and Accessible Player Experiences® (AbleGamers, 2020). 


Kamil Hamra

Senior UI/UX Designer, EA Firemonkeys


“I've worked with Anna for almost 4 years now. Her understanding of User Experience from the players perspective is insightful and considered. She constantly strives to develop best practices for UI/UX and is a strong advocate for the player.


Over the past years Anna has been successful in delivering clear and robust UI experiences, played and enjoyed by millions of mobile gamers every day.


Anna also regularly speaks at industry events, schools and the wider community.  Anna is a positive role model, not only for budding game developers, but also for girls of all ages interested in pursuing games as a career.”

Sophie Rossetti

Producer, EA Firemonkeys


“I have had the great pleasure to work with Anna for almost a year. She is an excellent communicator, who always goes out of her way to ensure everyone is on the same page. She’s incredibly dedicated to User Experience, always thinking player first and never relenting on issues affecting players’ enjoyment of our games. Anna is never afraid to put in the extra effort to achieve the perfect balance between detail and elegant simplicity, often going above and beyond her initial brief in the process. 


Outside of her day to day, Anna has dedicated herself to increasing visibility and equality for women, both in the games industry and beyond. From speaking to groups of young girls about getting into the industry, to creating awesome learning spaces for women / non-binary folks, Anna is always developing a new project to improve the lives of the women around her.”

Daniel Jones

Development Director, EA Firemonkeys


I worked with Anna on Need for Speed: No Limits. Anna was one of two UI Artists responsible for developing features and delivering content updates. During the time I worked with Anna she demonstrated her ability to work independently and to a deadline. All the work that Anna completed was of a very high standard, and she was always willing to do the work that was required of her.

Additionally, to her day to day responsibilities, Anna was very passionate about improving processes and culture across the development team and studio. She is engaging in meetings and always willing to take feedback on-board.

I have enjoyed working with Anna and would highly recommend her to any future employer.

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