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Metal: Hellsinger

Platform: PC & Console       Years: 2019-2023

Onboarding Overhaul

I joined the team near the end of the production of the award-winning game Metal: Hellsinger, and my first task was to redesign the game's onboarding. This was done through multiple rounds of user testing, gathering and synthesizing player feedback, and organising it across Miro boards and communicating and collaborating with all of the different crafts across the team for iteration and implementation before launch. And as a result of the valuable feedback we got from these playtests, we didn't just redo the onboarding — we also changed the entire UI layout for the HUD, as well as a range of other usability improvements across level design, combat design and game art. This led to improved player understanding of the game's base mechanics and a higher user retention, which no doubt contributed to the game's fantastic reception worldwide.

Below are a number of the Miro boards I created during that time that showcase this process.


Game Mode: Leviathan

Post-launch, we worked on creating a second game mode, called Leviathan, adding much asked-for varying content and thus extending the gameplay hours, something our player base had voiced loud and clear. Since this mode was aimed at experienced players, the trick for us was to carefully straddle that line between difficulty and accessibility — ensuring it was accessible to players within our target demographic, while still ensuring that it was difficult enough to compel and sustain the interest of our more "hardcore" players. I also designed the entire outer lobby for this game mode, as this had been a point of massive confusion and overwhelm for players during our playtests.


DLC Packaging

I played a key role in developing the game's DLC packaging, streamlining the complex process of packaging and implementing DLC content across multiple platforms for players to easily find, buy and play. My efforts ensured a seamless experience for not just the players across PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and other platforms — but also for the development team, navigating the various stringent requirements and restrictions from each platform.

Gamescom: Cosplay & Concert

And if anybody ever happened to wonder who that sassy demon at the game's launch — and massive concert — at Gamescom 2022 was... That was me! What an incredible honour and mindblowing experience it was to get to share the stage with several of my musical icons!

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