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Misc: Print, Branding & Board Games

A few bits and pieces that didn't warrant their own entire category, but that I still wanted to display somewhere... 

Twitch: TheHangryGames

Some of the content I created for my Twitch stream, The Hangry Games. The logo is meant to be a spoof of the original League of Legends logo (since that is what I started off streaming the most). Occasionally, however, I'll take a break from gaming and opening up the stream to talking about game development — particularly about UX and UI specifically. Since a fair amount of my followers are either also game developers or students interested in joining the industry one day, this is often really fun as it gives them a chance to ask me questions and get detailed answers live, rather than being restricted by character counts on Twitter.

If you ever happen to swing past and catch me live on stream, please don't hesitate to join the chat and say hi!

Art Direction: Renault Campaigns

A number of magazine ads, brochures and other marketing material that I did for Renault (in both Sweden and Denmark) while I worked as an Art Director for Fatman Design Agency in Malmö, Sweden.

Branding & Layout: Liyana

Logo and promotional flyer for the award-winning documentary / animated film, Liyana, which is an original African tale created by orphaned children in Swaziland. Executive production by Thandie Newton, produced by Oscar Award winner Daniel Junge, and directed by Oscar Award winner Aaron Kopp and Amanda Kopp.

Application: Ubisoft Massive


Ubisoft Massive (in Malmö, Sweden) was looking to hire a graphic designer in 2012, and I was very keen to work there. Considering the fact that they would almost certainly get hundreds of applications, I wanted to make sure that mine would stick out from the crowd. This was done at the time that their game Far Cry 3 was just about to be released, so I made an homage to their work, in my own way. 
I replaced their primary character with myself on the cover and changed the title, I folded my CV and cover letter into the booklet space inside the box, and burnt my design portfolio onto a CD. Although I didn't ultimately get the job, I was given fantastic feedback by their recruiter saying that several people in their office had come by to take a look at it, and I'm still rather happy with it - even this many years later!