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UI: The Sims FreePlay

During my years on The Sims FreePlay (2014 - 2018), I made a countless amount of icons and 2D assets. Working on a game that released completely new updates approximately every 6 weeks meant that I got to create assets from such a huge range of themes. I got to make icons for teacup pigs one week, hospital equipment the next, and handsome pirates after that!

The icons I generally made from scratch, and were always iterated upon after getting feedback on them. To make the 2D assets, I either rendered the finished characters/objects myself, or collaborated with a 3D artist to let them know exactly what poses I needed from each character. I then assembled all the elements, created any other elements that were required for the image, and retouched the renders to make them 'pop' within the game's UI. 


2D Assets: Thumbnails for Constructible Areas